Campaigns created centrally, personalized by franchisees and seen by local customers.

Your campaigns are consistent chain-wide, but you know there’s room for personalization at the local store level. You also know that your franchisees want to have their own customer databases. Lastly, you know that customers prefer to connect with your stores in different ways. Foundry Local’s zeeCampaign was build specifically to address these challenges.


Comprehensive Campaign Library

Quickly integrate digital campaigns with appropriate messaging and consumption method flexibility.

  • Your team or agency inputs campaigns into the library via desktop or tablet admin

  • Each campaign is crafted with messaging and imagery targeted for email, web page or social media consumption

  • You set campaign timeframe limits and franchisees choose from your parameters

  • You choose if messaging can be personalized and how those changes are approved


On-the-Go Campaign Activation

Franchisees use a mobile-driven admin to select, personalize, activate and track campaigns.

  • Simple interfaces serve up campaign options, date selection and outreach platform types

  • Franchisees make it their own by adding simple messaging that connects campaign themes to their location

  • Visibility into past, active and upcoming campaigns allows for quick local oversight


Results Tracking for Them and You

Collected data - served up locally, regionally or chain-wide in a way that’s easy to consume and use

  • Permissions allow visibility to the appropriate level of campaign results and customer data

  • Store-by-store results compare nearby locations or contrast regional traffic

  • Franchisees learn which delivery platforms work best for their customers to tailor subsequent campaigns

Good for you. Good for your franchisees:

National Brand
  • Campaign maintenance can be done easily by your team or your agency

  • Limited effort requirement on the local level ensures system utilization

  • Provides micro and macro reporting

Individual Locations
  • Simplifies customer outreach process down to a few clicks

  • Allows for personalization in addition to automated ease

  • Provides easy-to-access reporting

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